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Where do the role players for the tactical training scenarios come from and can I be one?

The Mock Prison Riot is a very dynamic event. The venue itself and the use of role players tremendously enhance realism for training and technology demonstrations/evaluations. Again, the Mock Prison Riot is not open to the general public or the media. We do have relationships with criminal justice programs and public safety agencies around the region and the country. Fellow team members and officers/observers themselves make outstanding role players because they understand the importance of the participating team meetings its training objectives. They also have the experience necessary to offer quality feedback if a new technology is deployed during the scenario. Generally, team members and observers will offer to role play for other teams during scenarios. Criminal justice students, under the supervision of their professors, also volunteer through their colleges/universities to serve as role players during the Mock Prison Riot. It is a first-hand opportunity for them to experience tactics and technology and interact with experienced professionals in their desired field. Many criminal justice students tell us their Mock Prison Riot experience solidified their decisions to carry on and become public safety practitioners.