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The Mock Prison Riot is known for bringing technology developers and end-users together under neutral, practical, and realistic circumstances, fostering partnerships that span lifetimes.

For decades, our focus has been less lethal. 

Our exhibitors tell us that the feedback and interaction they receive from end-users is invaluable to the product development process, often saving time and money.

Our end-users tell us that the opportunity to voice their needs and concerns directly to the developers responsible for providing the tools they use every day on the job is critical.

We welcome technologies that are in development as well as mature technologies and technologies that have the potential to cross over several disciplines in the public safety arena.

There is a fee to exhibit, and booth space is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are interested in exhibiting at the Mock Prison Riot, please see the Exhibitor section for details.

Do you have a technology that you would like to get directly into the hands of an end-user? How about 1,000 or more end-users?

The Mock Prison Riot is all about providing you the means to do just that.

The end-users who attend the Mock Prison Riot are motivated and ready to deploy or see your technology in action. And the feedback they offer will be candid and immediate. Maybe your product is too heavy. Maybe the buttons are too small. Maybe the screen isn't bright enough. Maybe it's not rugged enough. Maybe the position of the handle is awkward. Maybe you have a product designed for use in prisons, but you find out it also has applications for military and police. Maybe you simply need confirmation that everything is working as expected. And maybe you got everything right and are just enjoying promoting and making sales.

Whatever your circumstance, come experience the Mock Prison Riot.