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When registering online for the Mock Prison Riot, you may register as:


You are not executing tactical training scenarios, but rather, you are coming to access the Exhibit Hall, workshops and demonstrations. You are welcome to observe training scenarios and/or serve as a role player. 

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You are bringing a tactical team with you and will actually execute training scenarios on-site during the Mock Prison Riot or compete in the Skills Competition or both. As a team leader, you and your team have access to the Exhibit Hall, workshops and demonstrations. Also, you are permitted to participate in the Skills Competition if you would like (Sunday/Monday) and execute tactical training scenarios while you are on-site (Tuesday/Wednesday). (Please note - you are only considered a Team Leader for our purposes if you are going to execute training scenarios during the Mock Prison Riot or participate in the Skills Competition or both. If you are NOT executing scenarios while you are on-site, please simply register as an Observer, even though you really may be your team's leader at your respective agency. At the Mock Prison Riot, we will designate you as an Observer unless you are actually executing scenarios or competing in the Skills Competition with us.) Please make sure that you coordinate with your agency's finance department PRIOR to registering. 

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You have technologies or products that you would like to showcase in the Exhibit Hall. There is a cost to exhibit. You may display your technologies/products in the Exhibit Hall, conduct demonstrations, and/or have your products deployed in tactical training scenarios.

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Mock Prison Riot Staff:

You are an employee or a pre-approved contractor of the West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation or the Worldwide Corrections Training Foundation for purposes of working/executing the Mock Prison Riot event.

Workshop Instructor:

You have contacted the Mock Prison Riot staff in advance and arranged to teach or conduct a workshop or seminar.


Requirements for Attendees

We want you to make the most of your experience at the Mock Prison Riot. Safety is paramount to the Mock Prison Riot staff. Our requirements for this event exist for the safety of the participating teams and role players as well as for all observers and exhibitors on the grounds at any given time. The Mock Prison Riot has instituted the below referenced requirements in addition to any formulated by your respective organizations. In the event of a conflict, the Mock Prison Riot requirements will take precedence. If you believe that a conflict affecting safety exists, contact a Mock Prison Riot Staff member or Safety Officer as soon as possible.

Requirements for the Mock Prison Riot are as follows:

  1. No one under the age of 18 is permitted on site.
  2. This event is not open to the public or the media. You must be an active duty or retired law enforcement or corrections officer, law enforcement or corrections support staff, criminal justice student under the supervision of your professor from an accredited college or university, active duty or retired military, or exhibitor with law enforcement, corrections, or homeland security related technologies. Agency identification is required.
  3. No live ammunition or live chemical agents are permitted onsite.
  4. You are not permitted to bring your own tasers onsite.
  5. Your firearm will be rendered inoperable prior to entering the prison grounds. We utilize professional public safety personnel for weapons clearing at the South Gate of the former West Virginia Penitentiary. You must present your firearm prior to entrance and our weapons expert will ensure that it is clear, insert a safety device, and tape the barrel. There are no gun lockers at the prison.
  6. The following items are not permitted, unless previously cleared through our safety and subject matter experts prior to arrival for the event for special demonstrations or special circumstances:
    1. Simmunitions
    2. Blanks
    3. Bean bag rounds
    4. Rubber bullets
    5. Magazines - even if they are empty
  7. Use of these items must be simulated during scenarios.
  8. Do not bring your own training rounds or inert chemicals onto the grounds. Limited training devices such as flash bangs, inert gas, inert smoke, PepperBall, etc., are provided free of charge based on vendor participation and contribution. You may obtain these items onsite during the actual event. No team may bring in canisters containing flash bangs, OC, CN, CS, etc. No teams may bring in inert substances or empty cans.
  9. Any use of cutting torches or explosive devices in scenarios is not permitted.
  10. Impact weapons may only be used in formations as a defensive weapon or as part of a holding technique. No impact weapons will be used to strike or simulate a strike against any person(s).
  11. Stop Action as defined by our organization means that all action ceases or freezes. The sound of an airhorn or the command RED given by a Safety Officer or any participant will immediately result in a total halt to the scenario.
  12. Fires or other destruction of prison property will not be tolerated. This includes breaking of glass, light bulbs, furniture, windows, etc. Occasionally, technology demonstrations may involve the use of fire; however these instances are rare and are performed under extremely controlled circumstances by trained professionals.
  13. Excessive profanity is prohibited. Participants must remember that videotaping will be in progress for most, if not all, of the Mock Prison Riot. Vulgar language, particularly with a sexual connotation, will not be tolerated. Participants and role players will be instructed during briefings as to behavior appropriate to obtain training objectives. 

Triple Check Procedures

The Mock Prison Riot adheres to a Triple Check procedure:

  • Check 1: All weaponry must be rendered inoperable prior to entering the compound grounds. For participating teams, a law enforcement safety expert at the South Gate performs this function. By the time the Safety Officers see any weapons, they should be secured with a safety device or the barrel must be taped off with red tape.
  • Check 2: The Safety Officer must perform a second check of all weaponry prior to the start of every scenario to ensure that it is rendered inoperable.
  • Check 3: The Team Leaders/Team Members are then required to pair up and check each other. Team Leaders and Safety Officers then check role players for prohibited items.

*For safety and logistical purposes, this event is closed to members of the media and the general public.