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Scenario Schedule

Scenario Schedule and Scenario-based Training Model:

The Mock Prison Riot specializes in a scenario-based training model that is flexible and tailored to each participating team.

There is no set training scenario schedule. Rather, we open and staff various locations of the penitentiary during the Mock Prison Riot (Tuesday and Wednesday) for participating teams to come and go and execute training based on their needs and convenience.

Remember, the Skills Competition is held on Sunday and Monday and those requirements and details are very specific and detailed. There is very little to no room for flexibility with the Skills Competition. The Skills Competition is exactly that – a competition. (The Operational Order for Skills is posted under the Skills Competition link on our home page.) However, the Mock Prison Riot – the actual training portion of the event – is held on Tuesday and Wednesday and is much more flexible and tailored to each team.  As a participating team, you can participate in the Skills Competition only, the Mock Prison Riot only, or both – it’s up to you and your team.

What are the benefits of our scenario-based training model?

The primary benefit is realism.  Scenario-based training provides realism that you can’t get in a static environment. We work to incorporate stress inoculation and the opportunity to run the same scenario multiple times if needed. Or, you and your team may choose to move on to other locations and execute a totally different scenarios. It’s up to you and your team.

What does our team do when we arrive on site and want to execute training scenarios during the Mock Prison Riot? What is the process?

- Prior to your arrival on site, you have some preparatory work to do. First, register and pay through  Click the registration link on our home page and select "Participating Team. Then select whether you are participating in the Skills Competition only, the Mock Prison Riot only or both. If you select "Mock Prison Riot only" or "both," this will alert us that you intend to execute training scenarios while you are on site. Again, during the registration process, please make sure you select whether you are participating in the Skills Competition only, the Mock Prison Riot only, or both.

- If you have selected to participate in the Mock Prison Riot portion of the event, the team leader needs to identify what the team’s training needs and objectives are for the event. What skills or tasks are your team intent on working on or refining while you are here with us? 

- As you are considering your team’s needs and objectives, ask yourselves: do our needs entail assessment, intelligence, and planning? Or are our needs focused on assault, intervention, and actual tactics? Do we need to work on follow up and debriefing, or triage, or crime scene, etc?  Take some time to determine in advance what it is that your team will be coming to work on.

- You will communicate this information to our scenario safety teams once you arrive on site. All details for scenario-based training are coordinated on site when you arrive.   

Our team has arrived on site, now what do we do?

- Once your team arrives on site for the actual event, our safety/scenario teams will be on hand to meet with you to further develop, solidify, and finalize your scenario location(s) and details. The bulk of the coordination will be accomplished on site and in person to ensure that you receive training that is most tailored to your team’s needs.

- We (and you) are not locked into specific days and times. Based on our communications with teams prior to the start of the event, we will prepare a general schedule of locations and open times and teams will be free to move from one location to another throughout the training days (Tuesday and Wednesday), executing training as much or as little as you like.

- The central check in point for teams to connect with our safety/scenarios experts upon arrival is: South Gate entrance. There will be a Team Leader check in point there.

- Please be advised that there may be multiple teams at the same training location at any given time. If this is the case, we will run each team through once and then open the site up for any teams that would like to repeat their scenario. If there are no other teams waiting, you are free to execute as many scenarios as you like at a particular location.

Role Players:

Please know that our primary role players are not random. They are there to help you obtain your training objectives. These role players will consist of our special operations staff or your fellow team members. We do welcome “filler” role players as well, but we expect our primary role players to have professional public safety experience and real-world experience in understanding the importance of identifying and meeting training objectives. Effective role players add to the realism of scenario-based training. Key role players for scenarios are designated based on training needs with enhanced safety and protective equipment.

In conclusion:

Your training can be as simple and basic as you need it to be or it can be more complex. Our training model is designed to be accommodating and flexible in helping you achieve your training goals. Our schedule of open locations and time frames is designed for this purpose as well. Your team can come on site and execute one scenario in one location, multiple scenarios in one location, or multiple scenarios in multiple locations – whatever you need, we can accommodate.