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Our primary means of communicating are through our web site and through email. 

  • Tactical teams are welcome to attend the Mock Prison Riot and execute training scenarios and/or participate in our Skills Competition. If you want to participate in the Skills Competition, there are limits on team size and parameters that you must follow (please see the Skills Competition section). For the Mock Prison Riot training scenarios, we are much more flexible. Many of our teams participate in both the Skills Competition (Sunday/Monday) and the Mock Prison Riot scenarios (Tuesday/Wednesday). Some teams only participate in Skills. Others only participate in training scenarios. We can accommodate whatever your team decides. 
  • In order to execute training scenarios or compete in the Skills Competition, you must register as a Participating Team Leader.
  • For training scenarios, we can accommodate teams of all sizes, from four or five operators to 50 or more.
  • For training scenarios, we can accommodate all skill levels, from a newly-formed team to a team that has operated together for a decade or more.
  • No one knows your training and technology needs better than the team leader. Generally, the team leader will register his or her team. All training scenarios are coordinated on site in real time with the various safety teams at the scenario locations around the compound. For the most part, you can customize your training to your team's needs.
  • If you and your team will be executing scenarios, you should bring with you any/all equipment that you would normally use to train. If your means of travel makes it difficult or impossible to transport your equipment, please let us know in advance. We have limited equipment on site and also can work with our exhibitors to try to outfit your team as much as possible.    
  • We do permit and welcome K9 unit participation in scenarios; however, we do not provide housing for canine officers. And all canine officers must be kept on lead unless they are being deployed in a training scenario. 

Benefits for Teams

What sets the Mock Prison Riot apart from other industry tradeshows is our venue. The Mock Prison Riot is held at the decommissioned West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville. Our venue allows for on-site tactical training under real-world conditions and deployment of technologies from the exhibitor showcase.

Benefits of attending as a participating team and executing training scenarios:

  • Train under realistic circumstances - nearly every area of the penitentiary is at your disposal: cell blocks, dining hall, infirmary, administrative offices, recreation yards, an apartment, a chapel, and certain surrounding roadways, etc.
  • Work with our staff to design training scenarios that are geared toward your team's specific needs, regardless of agency type, team size, or skill level.
  • Interact with technology developers to see, touch, and deploy their products under real-world conditions; this is a tremendous opportunity to voice your technology needs and concerns directly to the people who design the tools you use to do your job.
  • Network with other practitioners and developers from around the country and the world, forming training and technology partnerships that last lifetimes.

It is a privilege for us to serve the men and women who work so hard to keep our communities, our nation, and the world safe. If your team would like to execute training scenarios as part of the Mock Prison Riot, please click here for safety and scenario regulations.