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Training Opportunities

Train with the best and then share with the rest

Tactical teams come from all over the world to train at the decommissioned West Virginia Penitentiary in Moundsville, WV during the Mock Prison Riot. The realistic venue provides ideal opportunities for exploring new or improving upon existing tactics. In addition to our life-like physical environment, we also focus on scenario-based training, utilizing role players who serve as inmates for training scenarios.

Real tools. Real scenarios. A real environment. It doesn't get any better.

Three cornerstones make up the Mock Prison Riot:

We can accommodate teams of all sizes and skill levels from anywhere in the world and work with you to craft training scenarios that meet your team's individual needs.

Areas of operation at your disposal for training include - but are not limited to - cell blocks, recreation yards, a dining hall, an infirmary, administrative offices, an apartment, a basement for low- to no-light operations, and certain designated roadways around the facility.

We encourage participating teams to deploy technologies from the exhibit hall during their scenarios, if they would like.