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Iron Operator Challenge

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Train together. Fight together. Survive together.

Iron Operator Challenge Details

  • Time: Announced on site 
  • Location: North Yard
  • Competition limited to 25 Participants. All participants must be law enforcement or corrections personnel.

The Iron Operator Challenge is sponsored by:

C2 Tactical Training & Consulting, LLC

For those in harms way:

  • Address: 6869 April Lane, Huntingdon PA 16652
  • Email: [email protected] | [email protected]
  • Phone: 814.599.7321 | 484.326.9176
  • Description: The C2 TTC / MPR Iron Operator Challenge is an individual physical fitness competition consisting of several events as listed below.

*To sign up, please email: Carl Grove at [email protected]. Please include your first and last name, the name of your agency, and the state you are from.


Each event will have its own unique scoring system. A description of each event to include scoring procedures is as follows.

Event # 01: Flat bench for repetitions (body weight)

  1. You will be weighed one day prior to the event. This weight will be rounded up to the closest 5pound increment.
  2. A warm up period will be provided.
  3. The lifter must lie on his / her back with shoulders and buttocks in contact with the flat bench surface.
  4. His / Her hands may grip the bar with a “thumbs around “grip or a thumb less grip a reverse grip is not allowed.
  5. His / Her shoes must be flat on the floor. This position must be maintained throughout the repetitions.
  6. The head may be raised off the bench or move during the event.
  7. In order for a repetition to count the bar must be pressed to the full extension of the arms.
  8. Heaving or bouncing of the bar off the chest is not allowed.
  9. The event staff will demonstrate the proper technique prior to the competition and providing spotters.

Event # 02: Weighted Carry / Tire Flip (90 seconds)

  1. This event will begin by grasping two weighted containers
  2. The participant will carry the containers a designated distance placing them in a designated area.
  3. The participant will move to the tire and flip it the remainder of the designated time.

Event # 03: Towel Hang

  1. This event will begin by placing two hands on two hand towels placed over a pull up bar.
  2. The participant will grip both ends of each towel.
  3. The time will begin when both feet are freely hanging.
  4. Time will end when one or both feet touch the floor.
  5. Wrapping of the towel around one or both hands is not allowed.
  6. Event staff will demonstrate proper technique prior to the competition.

Event # 04 Failure to stop shooting drill

  1. This event will begin with a pistol and a magazine loaded with 3 seminations round on a table.
  2. The Instructor will ask if the shooter is ready then the Instructor will announce shooter stand by “FIRE” on the “FIRE” command the participant will have 10 seconds to load the magazine into the pistol, charge the pistol and fire 2 rounds to the designated target on the body and 1 round to the designated target on the head.
  3. When the instructor announces cease fire the participant will release the magazine making sure the slide is locked to the rear and the pistol is empty while keeping the pistol pointed towards the target.


  • Event 01 bench: Each rep is worth 1 point
  • Event 02 weighted carry / tire flip: Each tire flip is worth 1 point
  • Event 03 towel hang: Each full 15 seconds is worth 5 points
  • Event 04 Failure to stop Shooting drill: Each round hitting the designated target in the body is worth 5  points. The single shot to the designated target on the head is worth 20 points.
  • Participants weight-ins will be conducted at the C2 TTC booth between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm on May 2, 2023.
  • A pre-competition meeting will be conducted on May 2, 2023 at 12:00 pm - please check in at the C2 booth in the exhibit hall for details.
  • Each event will be demonstrated to include the scoring system.

Competition Place Winners Awards

  • Awards will be offered for 1st place through 4th place.