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What will be provided for my team if we are participating in a scenario?

Limited training devices such as flash bangs, inert gas, inert smoke, Pepperball, etc., are provided free of charge based on Exhibitor participation and contribution. Please contact [email protected] to discuss what is available.

Please be advised, however, that no live ammunition or live chemical agents are permitted for use in any scenario. In addition, you are welcome to try out any technology that you see in our showcase in your scenario(s). If there is a specific technology that you would like implemented in your scenario, you are welcome to coordinate with the Exhibitor and our Safety/Subject Matter Expert to try it. Our Exhibitors actively seek the feedback of the end-users who attend this event. They tell us that the feedback provided is critical to the product development cycle. By working together - Exhibitors and end-users - you are helping to shape the future of tactics and technologies in the law enforcement and corrections industry on an international scale.