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How do I pay the registration fee?

You may pay online and in advance with your credit card when you register. This is the preferred method. Once you register and submit, you CAN NOT go back and apply payment with a credit card, so please make sure that you coordinate with finance first, prior to registering, and have your credit card ready to go.

Or, you may send us a check made out to:
Worldwide Corrections Training Foundation, PO Box 616, Moundsville, WV 26041.

*If you send a check, please enclose a list of the names for which you are paying, as well as your agency name and agency address.

Whether you pay by check or credit card, when you register, the system will automatically generate a confirmation number and/or an invoice/receipt, depending on how you choose to pay.  You must keep this email for your files/purchasing department. The system-generated email serves as your invoice/receipt.

If you are a law enforcement or corrections agency or an exhibitor, please make sure that you are coordinating with your finance department prior to registering, especially if you are using a credit card.  Please make sure you have your agency's credit card ready to go at the time of registration.

You also may pay the registration fee in cash or check when you arrive on site for the event (US dollars only).  However, please allow extra time to process through registration if you are paying upon arrival. Attendees who pay on site take longer to process through registration. If you elect to pay on site, you must pay with cash, check, or credit card.  No POs will be issued on site. If you arrive on site, and your credit card doesn't work, you must pay with cash or check. Again, NO POs WILL BE ISSUED IF YOU ELECT TO PAY ON SITE.

The registration fee is $50 non-refundable per person. There are additional costs for exhibitors; however, observers and teams pay just $50 per person.

If you have questions or concerns regarding fees and payments, please know that our finance department is staffed one day per week. Thank you for your patience, as a few days may pass before you receive a response.

Please note that our registration fee is NON-REFUNDABLE.  You may register people and substitute them for the current event, if necessary, but no refunds are issued under any circumstance.

Fees, Pricing & Refunds