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What equipment should my team bring for the Riot?

If you are participating in a training scenario, you should bring all tactical equipment and supplies that you normally train with and that you will need based on the nature of the scenario that your team formulates with the Mock Prison Riot staff. If you are traveling by plane or any other method that makes it difficult to transport all of your equipment, please contact [email protected]. We do have a limited amount of equipment on site that you could borrow for your training scenarios, or we can make prior arrangements with our exhibitors to outfit your team, depending on the supplies and products they bring. However, please be advised that no live ammunition, explosive devices, TASERS, or chemical agents are permitted on the grounds for the duration of the Mock Prison Riot. Your weapon will be rendered inoperable prior to entrance. Please check out our sections for safety for a listing of requirements and safety regulations and items which are not permissible. If you are simply coming as an observer, you need not bring any tactical equipment. Everyone - participating teams and observers - must bring official agency identification showing your law enforcement, corrections, or public safety affiliation.