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Here's what people like about the MPR ...

“We love coming here. We keep up on new technologies with the classes offered and with the exchange of information with other teams. This is an experience you can’t get anywhere else in the world. I know-I have looked but this is the only place.” Her Majesty’s Prisons, Bahamas

“Corrections-focused. End-user interaction and input.” -  Safariland

"Great atmosphere and open end-user community. The MPR staff is great and works hard to put on a very professional event. One of the top events of the show year. Over the course of the show is the ability to interact multiple times with key end-users.” - Danner

“The staff at this event is very unique to the industry. It has been a pleasure to work with all of them. Things like continuous service, asking if we need anything, just expressing pure motivation. Thanks a lot to all the staffing-you have been great.” - Warwick Mills

“Interaction with end-users.”- Magnum USA

“The hands-on training that is received through building our own scenarios and leaving an unknown factor to react to.”- Passaic County (NJ) Sheriff’s Department

“The ability for our team to participate in scenarios and to watch other teams allows our team to see what other people are doing and see that we are going in the right direction.” - Montgomery County (PA) Correctional Facility

“This training was invaluable for our operators and was a great learning tool.”- Virginia Beach (VA) Sheriff’s Office

"Having our equipment used in scenarios by the corrections teams. Reviewing the latest technologies for law enforcement and corrections.”- Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

“Scenarios-excellent job!”- World Prep, Inc.

“Meeting practitioners who use technologies in the field and meeting product manufacturers.”- NLECTC

“Actual units deploying in realistic scenarios.”- The Gun Shop

“A number of agencies attending from different areas of the country.”- Glock, Inc.

“Location is great for your real-world scenarios and live demos.”- Smartmatic

“Ability to network with a wide array of agencies.”- Rio Ammunition

“Large cross-section of attendees geographically. Scenarios were interesting to watch.”- Iscon Video Imaging

“Staff and venue are amazing. The opportunity to be with professionals from all over the world. The staff support and their positive attitude.” - Delozier Corrections Training and Development

“Meeting and talking with teams and seeing what their needs are.”- US Calvary

“Ability to use and see technological equipment in real scenarios.”- Priax Corporation

“The networking of attendees and vendors. The staff is right on top of all activities. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the best, I give you an 11.”- Nova USA

“The MPR was absolutely amazing.  I wouldn’t change a thing.”- PortionPac Chemical Corporation, Corrections Division

“Great opportunity to talk to an under-represented occupation.”- NIOSH/NPPTL

“Having end-users actually deploying our product-immediate feedback. One-on-one with people allowed us to reach individuals and decision-makers.” - MSI Delivery Systems, Inc.

“We are already planning for next year. New special gear! Prototypes very soon ... what a great event!” - Delia Tactical

“The ability to demo our technology.”- Smart Targets, LLC

"I must say that the event is an eye opener to other Correctional Jurisdictions worldwide. It allows all to see that globally we are faced with similar problems, and as departmental teams, we gather strength and operate as calculated members who work together to regain control so that we all can work and live in a safe environment. Thank you to all for your hospitality and friendship.” - Corrections Victoria, Australia

“Thank You from the Grant County Detention Center (KY) for hosting a great hands-on real life training experience event. We'll be back next year.”- Grant County (KY) Detention Center